FXAAPass class

Basic usage

The FXAAPass lets you easily add a Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing pass to your scene.
The FXAAPass class extends the ShaderPass class, inheriting from all its methods and properties.

The fragment shader code used for that FXAA pass has been taken from here:

To create a FXAAPass, just use its constructor:

// "canvas" is the ID of our HTML container element
const curtains = new Curtains({
container: "canvas"
// create our FXAA pass using our curtains object
const fxaaPass = new FXAAPass(curtains);


To create a FXAAPass you will have to pass your curtains object as the first parameter.
You can add an additional parameter object in which you can pass the following ShaderPass parameters options: clear, depth, depthTest, renderOrder, renderTarget, texturesOptions.