Mat4 class

Basic usage

Mat4 is the class used for all 4 dimensions matrices manipulations.


To create a new Mat4, just use its constructor.
If used without parameters, it will create a 4 dimensions identity matrix.

// create a new Mat4 identity matrix
const matrix = new Mat4();

Use chaining

Since most of the Mat4 methods return the matrix itself, you can use chaining:

// create a new Mat4 matrix and chain methods
const matrix = new Mat4().multiply(new Mat4()).scale(new Vec3(2, 2, 2));


  • elements array of length 16, optional values to use for that matrix. Default to 4 dimensions identity matrix.


  • elements (Float32Array): v7.0

    A Float32Array of length 16 representing that matrix.


  • clone(): v7.2

    Clone this matrix.

    returns: new cloned matrix.

  • composeFromOrigin(translation, quaternion, scale, origin): v7.0

    Creates a matrix from a quaternion rotation, vector translation and vector scale, rotating and scaling around the given origin.
    Equivalent for applying translation, rotation and scale matrices but much faster.

    • translation Vec3 class object translation vector
    • quaternion Quat class object rotation quaternion
    • scale Vec3 class object scale vector
    • origin Vec3 class object origin vector around which to scale and rotate

    returns: this matrix after transformations.

  • copy(matrix): v7.0

    Copy a matrix into this matrix.

    • matrix Mat4 class object matrix to copy

    returns: this matrix after copy.

  • getInverse(): v7.1

    Creates a new matrix inverse from this matrix.

    returns: a new matrix inverse of this matrix.

  • multiply(matrix): v7.0

    Multiply this matrix by the matrix passed as parameter.

    • matrix Mat4 class object matrix to multiply with.

    returns: this matrix after multiplication.

  • scale(vector): v7.0

    Scale this matrix by the vector passed as parameter.

    • vector Vec3 class object vector to use for scaling

    returns: this matrix after scaling.

  • setFromArray(array): v7.0

    Sets the matrix values from an array.

    • array array an array of at least 16 elements

    returns: this matrix after being set.